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Luciano Peros, landscape gardener, Florence.

... in horticulture and landscaping

I thought to myself: Do something where you are outside a lot, and you can work with plants. That's why I became a landscape gardener. Now I know that's only the half of it. The job is much more varied. I'm often drawing plans in the office. There are earthworks to be carried out. I frequently have large areas of paving to do. Weight is an issue in my job and the plants are only a small part of it. That's why I bought a HUMBAUR, which can carry almost three tonnes. It can be tipped in three different directions. That helps me on hilly and difficult terrain. Tipping is hydraulically assisted. Then there are a lot of accessories with which I can raise the side walls, for example. That's very useful when I am travelling with shrubs. Then I'm outside in the beds in front of the house and I'm actually working with plants.

Luciano Peros, landscape gardener


“I have been out and about with it for three years. None of its predecessors was that practical.”

Fynn Balke

“My Humbaur simply makes my work easier. It is easy to clean and very tough.”

Joe Barth

“I really can't remember when I bought it. Too long ago. But there it is, absolutely perfect.”

Lucy Poe

Rear tipper

The HUK rear tippers are available as single axle or tandem-axle models. These trailers are characterised particularly by the galvanised bridge plate with outer frame V-groove and recessed tie-down rings. The tipping angle is 45 degrees. All of the models can be retrofitted with the electric pump and grid attachment and aluminium side wall panels.

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3-Way tipper HTK Alu

Our HTK stands out as a result of their quality and a manual pump which can, on request, be replaced by an electric hydraulic pump. From 3 000 kg upwards, you get both the electrical and the manual pump. This allows simple and independent operation of your HTK in all applications.

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Construction machinery transporter HS

Do you regularly have to transport lightweight or medium weight construction machinery or diggers? The sturdy and solid construction of the HS is designed for daily transport tasks. The low loading height facilitates loading. The mudguards with aluminium chequerplate that can be stood on, and the protected lighting units make it particularly durable in day-to-day operations.

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Absenkanhänger Senko

The Senko from Humbaur is attractive due to ist consistent solid construction and minimal drive-up angle. It copes with transporting machines that are extremely low-lying. The welded Senko are made of steel profiles that in addition are hot-dip galvanized. That makes it extremely stable and provides the highest protection against corrosion. The rubber spring axles that can be hydraulically lowered give the Senko a sensational drive-up angle, since the loading platform can be lowered so that it is almost at ground level. It functions hydraulically with a manual pump, but optionally it can also be equipped with an electric pump. The mudguards made of aluminium chequer plate automatically open and close in this process. The side and front platform gates of the Senko are made of anodised double-walled aluminium profiles. The rear loading flap made of spezial multi-bonded wood so as to be waterproof has in addition aluminium chequer plate on the loading side and has four hinges made of hot-dip galvanized steel. A ramp front edge made of aluminium at the upper end of the loading flap provides for easy loading and unloading of the Senko. The Senko, the trailer for the tricky transport jobs.

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