Humbaur is No. 1 in Germany*!

Gersthofen, 31st January 2014 - The new registration figures for 2013 from Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH, who get their data from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), confirm that Humbaur is No. 1 in Germany for trailers in the category up to 3.5 t maximum permissible gross weight. Humbaur achieved a significant increase in market share last year with over 27,380 trailers under 3.5 t!

"We don't only have fans...we have real followers!" With its flair for the wishes and technical requirements of its customers, Humbaur far exceeded even its own objectives. According to the latest MIS market information assessments from Management Services, Humbaur is the market leader in vehicle trailers with a permissible gross weight of up to 3.5 t. Of a total of 198,780 vehicle trailers with a permitted gross weight up to 3.5 t registered in 2013, Humbaur accounted for 27,380. This success is no accident. Humbaur has brought many innovative products to market over the years, such as the new Balios horse trailers®, Xanthos® and Zephir® or also the FTK vehicle transport trailer. The production area was extended to a total of 47,000 m2. That has enabled Humbaur to achieve a production capacity of more than 1,000 vehicles per week. Since the company was founded, well over 650,000 trailers have been produced. These include countless standard designs but also very individual trailer solutions - in accordance with customers' wishes and requirements. Contributing to the success of the company are about 450 dedicated employees and a close-meshed, competent dealer network throughout Germany.

Once again, Humbaur stands out through its consistent performance, appropriate design and well thought-out safety concepts. Many years of experience, a high level of quality awareness, diversity and flexibility, customer service, a wide range of accessories, the most modern manufacturing processes and the quality seal "Made in Germany" - all this is embodied in a Humbaur trailer. True to our motto "Competence obliges", we have become one of Germany's leading trailer manufacturers.

We would like to thank our customers and trading partners for their trust and loyalty. Thanks to you, we are now No. 1 in Germany*!

* in the segment vehicle trailers up to a permissible gross weight of 3.5 t
Source: Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH, 30.01.2014



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Humbaur is a family business, which has focused on quality ever since it was founded in 1957. With around 420 serial production models for the private and commercial sectors, Humbaur is now one of Europe's leading trailer manufacturers. Humbaur has a presence throughout Europe and beyond. As an owner-operated, medium-sized enterprise, Humbaur knows its customers and develops products in line with their needs. Our strengths are innovative ideas, state-of-the-art manufacturing, a clear focus on quality and competent, comprehensive customer support.