15-year warranty on the Humbaur AluBiComp floor

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, durable trailers, which is why we are always working to make our products even better. Our tried-and-tested AluBiComp floor, which is included as standard in many horse trailer models, just got even better. We are proud to now be able to offer you a 15-year warranty against rot. We are confident in the materials we use and the carefully considered design which has proven itself in practice, resulting in long-lasting, reliable trailers that are suitable for all situations and even the trickiest of roads.

AluBiComp floor — hard-wearing and rot-proof

Our innovative AluBiComp floor is not only significantly lighter than classic wooden floors, but more importantly, it is much more durable — able to withstand horse kicks as well as moisture. Thanks to the specially selected materials and high-quality craftsmanship, the floor is completely moisture resistant, making it impervious to rot and decay. This means that the floor is highly durable.

Rigid polypropylene foam is used as the core, with upper and lower cover layers made from sheet aluminium. Finally, this is covered with a special coating to prevent oxidation. This process means that the materials are well-protected from horse manure and that the floor cannot be damaged by the ammonia this contains.

Benefits of the AluBiComp floor

  • Resistant to moisture and ammonia
  • Significantly lighter than classic wooden floors (30% weight saving)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No rotting or breakages

The AluBiComp floor is included as standard in the following horse trailer models:

Single Alu, Equitos Alu, Equitos Alu Plus and all models in the Xanthos, Xanthos Aero, Xanthos Carriage, Zephir, Zephir Aero, Zephir Carriage, Maximus, Maximus Deluxe, Notos Alu, Notos Xtra Pro, Notos Xtra Up and Notos Tria series.

It is available as an option in the Single Plywood, Equitos Plywood and Equitos Plywood Plus trailers for a small additional fee.

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