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In addition, this compact horse trailer has everything you need to make travelling with your horse a more pleasant experience:

Welded chassis

The chassis:

  • welded
  • hot-dip galvanised
  • and with a bolted V-drawbar
Side walls made of high-quality aluminium profiles
  • Side walls made of high-quality aluminium profiles.
Polyester roof with tinted vent windows
  • Polyester roof with tinted vent windows. The polyester roof is available in many colours at an additonal price; the standard colour ist silver grey.

13-pin plug with reversing and fog lights
  • 13-pin plug with reversing and fog lights.
Wooden floor, 18 mm thick
  • You can choose between the standard 18 mm thick wooden floor, without rubber floor, and the optional Humbaur AluBiComp®  floor (at an additional charge)
Solid, all-round frame section
  • Solid, all-round frame section (galvanised).
Elegant rear support
  • Elegant, galvanised rear outrigger with integrated lighting.
Access door with 3-point locking
  • Access door with 3-point locking.

Ramp flap with granulate mat
  • Ramp flap with granulate mat.

Sophisticated interior concept
  • Sophisticated interior concept: The roof, which project forward, offers your horse freedom of movement of the head at ear Level. The chest and breech bars extend over the entire width and are equipped with panic unlocking.

Openings for light and air in the interior
  • The exclusive Windschott (deflector) offers draft-free ventailation and continuous air circulation.
Interior lighting
  • The Humbaur creates a pleasant atmosphere in the twilight for horse and human.
Standard jockey wheel
  • Standard jockey wheel
Tyre size suitable for 100 km/h
  • Tyre size suitable for 100km/h.
Designed for convenient transport of a full grown horse.
AluBiComp floor, 21 mm thick, with rubber floor, 8 mm thick, glued and sealed.
EquiDrive® chassis ensures the highest stability and thus the best possible safety.

Choose a colour

  • All poly parts



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How many horses can I transport?

A single horse

The single Alu horse trailer is the ideal choice for conveniently transporting a single horse.

Horse with its foal

Horse and foal have adequate space in the Humbaur Single Alu horse trailer.

A Humbaur is well planned

We have also fulfilled the whiches which you believe nobody can fulfil.

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