The brand-new Xanthos SPIRIT combines low weight, driving comfort and a very attractive cost-performance ratio in one model. Being the youngest member of the Xanthos horse-trailer family, the all-rounder has a light but nevertheless robust mounting out of high quality aluminium-profiles. The elaborate poly-roof with tinted vent windows complements the perfect appearance of the Xanthos SPIRIT. The horses walk up the horse-trailer safely and without slipping over the rear ramp, which has a rubber mat and is supported by a pneumatic spring.

The Xanthos® SPIRIT horse trailer in detail:

EquiDrive® longitudinal beam chassis
  • EquiDrive® Standard longitudinal beam chassis
Side walls made from aluminium profiles
  • Side walls of double-walled, anodised Aluminium profiles.
Polyester roof with tinted vent windows
  • Polyester roof in grey (optionally in black metallic) with tinted vent windows.
13-pin plug
  • 13-pin plug with reversing and fog lights.
Phenolic resin coating floor plate
  • Phenolic resin coating floor plate, multibonded, waterproofed, 21 mm thick.
Solid, all-round frame section (galvanised)
  • Solid, all-round frame section (galvanised).
Elegant rear support
  • Elegant, galvanised rear outrigger with integrated lighting.
Large access door
  • Large access door with 3-point locking.
Ramp flap with granulate mat
  • Ramp flap with granulate mat.
Chest and rear bars
  • Divided and padded breast and breech bars with panic release.
Interior lighting
  • The Humbaur interior lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the twilight for horse and human.
Standard jockey wheel
  • Standard jockey wheel.
Tyre size suitable for 100 km/h
  • Tyre size suitable for 100 km/h.
Designed for convenient transport of two horses.
The EquiDrive® chassis ensures the highest stability and thus the best possible safety.

Choose a colour

  • All poly parts



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for safe contact with the road.

The Humbaur EquiDrive® frame, with its hot-dip galvanised longitudinal beam chassis, offers high stability and thus the best possible safety. With its significantly lower centre of gravity, it ensueres gentle road handling for both driver and horse - even on difficult terrain.

The advantages

  • The low load height ensures a flat angle for the loading ramp.
  • The trailer is easy to enter.
  • All Frame parts and axles can also be individually replaced if necessary.
EquiDrive® chassis for safe contact with the road.
EquiDrive® chassis for safe contact with the road.

How many horses can I transport?

Two ponies

You can comfortably transport two ponies in the Xanthos® SPIRIT 2000.

One horse

Of course, a single horse can also enjoy the comfort of the Xanthos® SPIRIT.

A pair of horses

Two fully grown horses can travel conveniently in the spacious Xanthos ® SPIRIT.

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