Balanced proportions and a wide range of colour choices for the polyester roof and side walls: If you are looking for a stylishly designed horse trailer, the Zephir© range will impress. Our polyester roof not only looks good - It is also exceptionally easy to clean. Apart from the design specifications, we have paid a lot of attention to safety. As an alternative to the standard EquiDrive© chassis for this series, you can also choose the EquiDrive© PLUS option. Particularly safety-conscious drivers can also choose our optional, technologically innovative dynamic drive controls, an ETS system for vehicles with a total weight of 2700 kg.

The Zephir® horse trailer in detail:

EquiDrive® chassis
  • The EquiDrive® chassis, with its hot-dip galvanised longitudinal beam chassis, offers high stability and thus the best possible safety.
  • The Zephir® 2700 is equipped with the EquiDrive® PLUS chassis. Automatic brake adjustment and wheel shock absorbers ensures the trailer's consistent optimum braking response.

Standard, spacious saddle compartment
  • Lockable standard saddle compartment with saddle holder, snaffle holder, mirror and net. 
  • Also available in Western variant (at an additional charge)
  • Smooth interior surfaces protect the saddle during transport.

Full polyester body in various colours
  • Full polyester body available in various colours, side wall height 1,500 mm.

Polyester roof with tinted vent windows
  • Polyester roof with tinted vent windows in a new design, 5 settings.

13-pin plug
  • 13-pin plug with reversing and fog lights.

Sturdy floor plate
  • You can choose between the standard stable and durable floor plate and the optional Humbaur AluBiComp floor (at an additional charge). It will increase the trailer's load capacity.
  • Phenolic resin coating floor plate, multibonded, waterproofed, 21 mm thick, with rubber floor 8 mm thick, glued and sealed.

Solid, hot-dip galvanised frame profile
  • Solid, hot-dip galvanised frame profile.

Elegant rear support
  • Elegant, hot-dip galvanised rear outrigger with integrated lighting.

Large access door
  • Large access door with 3-point locking.

Ramp flap with rubbber step
  • Ramp flap with rubber step and side stop.

EquiSpace®- space concept
  • Maximum space for the horses thanks to the sophisticated Humbaur EquiSpace® interior concept.
  • The chest and breech bars are divided and padded, adjustable in height and legth, and complete with panic unlocking.

Interior lighting
  • The Humbaur interior lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the twilight for horse and human.

Openings for light and air in the interior
  • The exclusive Windschott (deflector) offers draft-free ventilation and continuous air circulation.

Automatic jockey wheel

Automatic jockey wheel, centrally mounted.

Wheel shock absorbers incl. 100 km/h confirmation
  • Wheel shock absorber incl. 100 km/h confirmation.

Designed for the convenient transport of two horses.
EquiSpace® - our space concept for maximum room for the horses.
EquiDrive® chassis ensures the highest stability and thus the best possible safety.
EquiDrive® PLUS chassis with automatic brake adjustment. (Zephir® 2700)

Choose a colour

  • All poly parts



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Lockable Partition

Grip and safety, even when the tailgate is open

Rider unlocks partition in Humbaur horse trailer

Our lockable partition offers absolute safety for your four-legged friends, even when the tailgate is open. The partition cannot be unintentionally moved since the mechanical locking system effectively prevents the breeching bars from being pressed upwards. This means that the partition cannot be levered out, even if the tailgate is open, which significantly reduces the risk of injury for the horses in the trailer.

With the lever, which is folded in when fastened, the partition can be locked and unlocked effortlessly and can of course always be adjusted for more space in order to be able to enter more easily. You will receive this innovation as standard with all of our models that include a partition, except for the SPIRIT models and versions with a central post partition.

Experience the lockable partition in action in our short video

Tool-free installation and disassembly.


Our design for a pleasant and safe journey

The refined Humbaur EquiSpace® interior ensures the most space possible for horses during transport in the trailer and forms part of the standard models for Balios®, Xanthos®, Zephir® and Notos® as well as their various AERO versions. The roof, which projects forward, offers your horse freedom of movement of the head at ear height. The interior height in this area is about 2300 mm.

The split, padded and moulded breast and breech bars can be individually suspended at three different levels and depths (also new for Pegasus and Maximums models). This allows the stall size in the trailer to be adjusted from pony to large horse. The solid interlock from our older models was kept for safety reasons and due to its popularity.

New brackets for breast and breech bars.
Three heights and depths are individually adjustable.

How many horses can I transport?

Two ponies

You can comfortably transport two ponies in the Zephir®, which is available in three weight classes.

One horse

Of course, a single horse can also enjoy the comfort of the Humbaur-EquiSpace®.

A pair of horses

Two fully grown horses can also travel conveniently.

Two heave horses

... also have adequate space in the roomy Zephir® horse trailer.

A Humbaur is well planned

We have also fulfilled the wishes which you believe nobody can fulfil.

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