Humbaur focuses on safety – Horse trailers are now fitted with AluBiComp floors as standard

Of course, when it comes to transporting horses, there is one aspect that comes before all others: the safety of the animals and their keepers. Humbaur has already shown how safety can be ensured when travelling with horses with its award-winning EquiGuard® panic release feature. The trailer manufacturer based in Gersthofen, in the district of Augsburg, is following that success fitting all horse trailers with AluBiComp floors as standard. This flooring is much more robust than the principal alternative—wooden floors—and therefore much safer for the horse.

Horse hooves standing on an aluminium floor in a Humbaur horse trailer | © Humbaur GmbH

There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing the appropriate trailer for transporting your horses. One point that is often neglected in these considerations is the quality of the built-in floor, which is directly related to safety during transport. In the case of commercially available wooden floors, even minor damage can cause moisture to ingress. The consequence of this is that the wood rots. There is also a risk that moisture and dirt can collect under a damaged rubber mat and attack the wooden floor. If such moisture damage remains undetected for too long, it can have devastating consequences. In the worst-case scenario, the stability of the floor will no longer be guaranteed. 

Horse trailers equipped with wooden floors should therefore be checked regularly for damage and should also be kept dry at all times. Parking your trailer in a wet meadow is not recommended by manufacturers as the increased moisture could permanently damage the floor.

There are so many good reasons to choose a more robust alternative to classic wooden floors. Humbaur thought so too. It has decided to exclusively use AluBiComp floors as standard in all horse trailers from now on. This composite panel consists of two specially coated aluminium sheets with a polypropylene plastic core. The advantages of this material are numerous — in addition to its low weight, it is characterised above all by excellent stability and robustness. AluBiComp is resistant to moisture, which makes the floors of these horse trailers rot-proof. Humbaur even offers a 15-year warranty on this! The aluminium panels also have a special coating that prevents corrosion, for example from excreted ammonia. 

The design is also extremely stable, does not warp and can withstand both kicks and high concentrated loads due to heavy horses. Even extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations cannot damage the AluBiComp floor! This means that these horse trailers not only offer more freedom in terms of use, but also improved safety when transporting your horse — and this is what Humbaur wants to shout about. 

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