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Cable reel trailer

Our KTA cable reel trailer makes reeling or unreeling cables child's play. The loading frame can be operated by just one person, and there are no barriers to negotiate when fitting the cable reel. A brake (optional accessory) ensures that the cable does not unwind from the drum too quickly. The trailers in the KTA series from Humbaur are suitable for cable reels with a diameter of up to 2800 mm and a width of up to 1450 mm. The load capacity varies depending on the model. Both the chassis frame and the loading frame have an anti-warp design and have been hot-dip galvanised in an immersion bath to ensure they can withstand the strains imposed during daily use over a long service life. The cast towing ball head on the coupling and hitch and highly stable jockey wheel also ensure durability. The cable reel can be stored on the loading frame with zero play thanks to the dowel pin attachments - thus optimising the handling performance of the trailer.

Cable reel trailer

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