The right galvanising for a long service life

Advantages of galvanising

A zinc coating protects metal against corrosion for several decades. We use the method of hot-dip galvanisation. Advantages of hot-dip galvanisation:

  • By dipping the parts in a bath of hot zinc, even inaccessible areas are optimally protected against corrosion.
  • The zinc alloy coatings are harder than many types of steel and therefore also protect heavily stressed components. Even the edges are protected by hot-dip galvanisation.

Care instructions for new trailers

Protective surface layers form on the galvanised steel parts in the first few weeks. For this, the parts require sufficient air and must be kept dry. Aggressive substances like road salt and fertilizers can be damaging in this initial stage. Remove any residues on new trailers with clean water. You can tell when the protective layer has formed by the fact that trailer is no longer shiny. You will find detailed information on the treatment of all surfaces in your operating manual in the item on trailer materials under Maintenance/Care.

18 t HTK three-way tipper hot-dipped galvanised platform frame