They set the tone.

Joshua Baker, sound technician,

... in sound and lighting technology

After spending the entire day on the band bus, I quickly have to set up the sound systems before the show and start to mix the sound. Sound technicians are always the first to start work and always the last to stop. I have become used to that. It is great fun to mix the perfect sound for cool bands. We are often on the road for weeks on end and I have to take along a lot of equipment. Fortunately I can safely store all this technology in my HUMBAUR wheels-in trailer. Everything is perfectly protected while on the road and always arrives intact. I need to be able to rely on that. One thing is quite sure though: When we start to dismantle everything after the show, my HUMBAUR and I are always the last to leave work.

Joshua Baker, sound technician


“My goods being protected properly is my top priority. My box trailer offers me that!”

Tracy Campell

“My equipment is heavy. The low loading height got my vote straight away.”

Luke Chambers

“I can only say: hot-galvanised steel. It lasts for ever.”

Matthew White

Single axle Plywood, wheels out, Plywood roof

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Our single-axle trailer offers maximum stability: hot-dip galvanised steel chassis, plastic door seals, robust reinforcements in the roof area and at the front wall - this trailer has a long service life. The integrated lashing system secures the load inside the trailer. A light ensures adequate illumination.So your goods reach their destination reliably and undamaged. A perfect advertising medium: At a surcharge, we will display your individual advertising message on the side walls of the single-axle trailer. This allows you to benefit in the long term.

Configure Single axle Plywood, wheels out, Plywood roof

Single axle Plywood, wheels out, rear ramp

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Even large and bulky goods can be easily loaded into the HKU. You can simply lift up the cover and use standard transport aids to load your goods via the back wall. The ramp wall is supported by gas springs for easier handling. The trailer is locked with an espagnolette lock for the rear wall and two locks for the cover. The trailer has an integrated tie-down system, with each tie-down eye able to withstand a tensile force of 400 kg (as tested by Dekra). The floor and walls are 15 mm thick. The floor also has an anti-slip coating.

Configure Single axle Plywood, wheels out, rear ramp

Tandem axle Plywood, wheels out, rear ramp

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Well-designed and with a long service life: the tried and trusted HK plywood box trailer for safe transport of your goods. The frame and chassis are made of hot-dip galvanised steel, while solid aluminium reinforcements on the body ensure stability. The roof has drainpipes and the doors have seals to keep your goods dry under all circumstances. A solid anti-slip floor and stable side walls (18 mm thick) provide solidity. An interior light will help you find everything you are looking for. A brief summary: A real multi-talent on two axles.

Configure Tandem axle Plywood, wheels out, rear ramp

Tandem axle sandwich PurFerro, wheels out, side walls 30 mm

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A traditional trailer with a sturdy, long-lasting sandwich box. 18 mm thick special wood for the floor and 30 mm panels for the walls are evidence of its robust construction. The low loading height and a payload of one to two tonnes (depending on the version) make the HK with its external wheels a particularly flexible solution. Its metal components are either made from rust-proof aluminium or hot-dip galvanised steel. An anti-slip, coated floor and door seals demonstrate the detailed design to ensure that this trailer will provide you with day-to-day support.

Configure Tandem axle sandwich PurFerro, wheels out, side walls 30 mm

All GRP Box Trailer Rexus

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It looks good and proves itself in day-to-day use. Our Rexus is the designer trailer for all those looking for a high-profile appearance. With its chrome decorated lights, aluminium rims and the visual appearance of an elegant horse trailer it catches attention. At the same time, it is highly suitable for everyday use. Its corrosion protected chassis has been successfully in use in our horse trailers for to 100 km/h. A 21 mm thick anti-slip base plate and side walls reinforced with wood panels stand for solidity. The side door offers extra comfortable access to the trailer. The tailgate can handle payloads of up to 1300 kg. What more could you wish for?

Configure All GRP Box Trailer Rexus

Single axle Plywood, wheels out, lowerable trailer

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The clever box trailer with an intelligent lowering mechanism. The cargo bed moves towards you for loading and unloading. The flat drive-up angle is just 4 to 6 degrees. With the integrated access ramp and upwards opening tailgate, this trailer is the perfect partner for comfortable loading. A solid anti- slip floor and stable side walls with a GRP coating ensure durability. With the optional rocker, it is ideal for transporting motorcycles.

Configure Single axle Plywood, wheels out, lowerable trailer

Construction site trailer

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The mobile lounge with every amenity. The trailer can accommodate up to 6 persons and can be optionally equipped with a fixed seat group, consisting of two seats and a table. The trailer can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and adapted to your needs - e.g. with heating fan, sliding window in front and side wall, roof window, main voltage connector 230 V, distributor boxes etc.

Configure Construction site trailer