Humbaur HA tilting flatbed trailer
Detail of air-suspension

Cutting edge technology with practical functions

How a trailer performs in everyday use depends how functionally it is constructed. Humbaur continues to develop its trailer range. We are improving the functions of our trailers with new materials, innovative construction and optimised production methods. You will notice it through the improved durability and stability, versatility and overall increased suitability for everyday use.

Extremely durable and versatile

Even our basic range stands out through its large cargo bed and versatility in use: You can tip the trailers, take the drop sides off and rely on the robustness of the trailer in every situation. We protect your Humbaur trailer against corrosion, so that it remains available to you for as long as possible. The hot-dip galvanised components guarantee a long working life for your trailer.

Built for tough working conditions

We know what is important to our customers in practice: The trailer must be easy to load. The load should be quick and easy to secure. Drive-on ramps, drop sides, tipper function: Whatever functions are provided must be uncomplicated and reliable in their operation – day after day. After all, you want to be able to use your trailer without restrictions. Look at our trailers in detail and you will discover: We have thought of everything.

Detail shot of Garant steel, tipped backwards
Detail shot of Humbaur trailer with upright ramps in stowed position
Breech bar on Humbaur Zephir horse trailer