The mobile lounge with every amenity. There is room for up to six people in the comfortable break room of the construction trailer. It is equipped with a folding table, which also serves as a window lock when folded up. Featuring comfortable folding benches and optional accessories, such as a refrigerator, coffee machine or fan heater, the electrified construction trailer is optimally equipped. The lockers and shelf baskets are ideal for the storage of work clothing. Dirty boots go in a sealed tub out of the way. Light comes in through a domed skylight over the table and a large window and there is electric lighting. Anti-slip steps (with mounting bracket) lead into the construction trailer. A small workbench can be fitted into the construction trailer for a dry place to work now and then. The ingenious swivelling door also allows pallets to be loaded, to keep small valuable pieces of equipment securely, for example.

Total weight
1500 kg
Load capacity
620 kg
Length (internal)
4050 mm
Width (internal)
2000 mm
Loading height
570 mm