Single axle Plywood, wheels out, rear ramp

The HKU, a box trailer that is somewhat different and is attractive due to its multifunctional uses. The frame and chassis are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and give the HKU a long service life. The side walls are made of 15 mm multilayer wood with special plastic coating. The designers gave the HKU two support beams per side made of hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel. The reason for these additional supports is the wood-aluminium roof which replaces the conventional roof in the case of the HKU. This wood-aluminium cover which is lockable with two locks gives the HKU its special character. Attached to the front wall, this cover can be opened toward the front and thus makes loading easy as child's play. The standard ramp wall instead of a door offers the following equipment: gas spring support for easy operation, three hot-dip galvanized hinges for stability, ramp front edge made of aluminium so it can be more easily passed over, hot-dip galvanized espagnolette for reliable locking of the trailer and an anti-slip strip as an aid against slipping. The integrated lateral tie-down system is mounted the anodized aluminium framework profile. Each tie-down ring has got a traction force of 400 kg and it is approved by DEKRA. Thanks to the ramp wall, you can also bring transport aids into the HKU. The bed of the HKU consists of special multi-bonded wood so as to be waterproof. It has slip-resistant phenolic resin coating and is 15 mm thick. The HKU from Humbaur, the multi-talented transport aid you don't want to do without.

HKU 132513-17P

Wood-aluminium hardtop, rear ramp, 3 pairs of lashing rings
Total weight
1300 kg
Load capacity
835 kg
Length (internal)
2510 mm
Width (internal)
1320 mm
Loading height
530 mm