Single axle Plywood, wheels out, rear ramp

Trailer  in detail

Even large and bulky goods can be easily loaded into the HKU. You can simply lift up the cover and use standard transport aids to load your goods via the back wall. The ramp wall is supported by gas springs for easier handling. The trailer is locked with an espagnolette lock for the rear wall and two locks for the cover. The trailer has an integrated tie-down system, with each tie-down eye able to withstand a tensile force of 400 kg (as tested by Dekra). The floor and walls are 15 mm thick. The floor also has an anti-slip coating.

HKU 132513-17P

Wood-aluminium hardtop, rear ramp, 3 pairs of lashing rings
Total weight
1300 kg
Load capacity
835 kg
Length (internal)
2510 mm
Width (internal)
1320 mm
Loading height
530 mm