The box trailer

...for safe transportation of valuable goods.

With the HT freight box you can load goods into the loading area of the motor vehicle via the hydraulic tail lift and the drive over bridge without any problems. Annoying and time-consuming coupling and uncoupling are avoided. You save a lot of time and are flexible: The trailer can be unloaded while the motor vehicle is being driven to the next town. Variable, integrated systems provide a perfect securing of the load. Stable PurFerro® sandwich panels and other components from the semi-trailer field guarantee a long  service life. 

The box trailer HT in detail:

Central tube
  • Central tube with screw-in towing eye Ø 40 mm, hot dip galvanised, height adjustable by crank handle.

Solid, welded and hot dip galvanised frame
  • Solid, welded and immersion bath hot dip galvanised frame, for optimum stability and safety.

Textured flooring
  • Textured flooring 27 mm, water proofed and slip resistant, floor grouted.

Brake system
  • Brake system according to EG-RL 71/320 EWG resp. ECE R-13, EBS-System 4S/2M with stability program (contains ABS/ALB function), EBS connector ISO 7638, spring loaded parking brake.
  • Air suspension system including 1 lifting and lowering valve mounted in driving direction behind the axle unit. Driving position/height is set automatically.
  • Two non-interchangeable coupling heads in front according to ISO 1728, air tanks for the braking system made of steel.

Side walls made of PurFerro®
  • Side walls made of PurFerro®.

Back wall
  • Back wall and / or front wall as double wing backwall portal door from Aluminium with 2 rotary closures each.
  • Screwed corner stanchions at the back made from Aluminium at Portal height. Optionally with hydraulic platform at rear.

Drive over platform
  • Foldable drive over platform from Aluminium, load capacity: 3000 daN /unit.

15-pin connector for electricitiy
  • 15-pin connector for electricitiy.

Light carrier made of steel
  • Light carrier made of steel, with LED-lamps for the license plate.
  • LED side marking lights, LED boundary lights, 2 contour lights with arm, installed on the 2 multiple chamber tail lights.

Robust mudguards with anti-spray
  • Robust mudguards with anti-spray.

Side protection device
  • Side protection device according to EC Directive 89/297 EEC.

2 Wheel chocks with holder
  • 2 Wheel chocks with holder.

Reinforced 12 ton geared support winch
  • Reinforced 12 ton geared support winch,with heavy load and rapid speeds, 7 ton version for through laoders, foldable under level of the loading area.

Length 9590 mm Inner length 7080 mm
Width 2550 mm Inner width 2480 mm
Height 3755 mm Inner height 2680 mm
Permissible gross weight 11900 kg Payload in kg 7700 kg
Tare weight 4200 kg Loading height 1040 mm
Tyres 235/75 R17,5

 All data are subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are rounded approximations and refer to the standard vehicle without any accessories. Additional features are changing the own weight and the payload!