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Anders Christensen, construction worker, Copenhagen

... in logistics and the construction sector

Every day is different on a building site. Surprises are a part of everyday life. We often need the right bit of construction plant quickly, just in order to keep going. It has to be done quickly and safely, because the machines are heavy and the sites are impassable. Then I say to myself: Peter, now you need your HUMBAUR again. With its shallow ramps, I can safely drive our plant on and off on any site. It has a very torsion-resistant chassis with strong steel profiles and drives safely in all conditions. And although it can carry an amazing weight, the trailer itself is surprisingly light. Every day, I notice only high-quality and stable parts were used in this trailer. If only everything in building was as reliable as my trailer. Then I'd know tomorrow morning what I'll have done by the end of the day. But then again, it probably wouldn't work out like that.

Anders Christensen, construction worker


“Bulk materials, blocks, construction plant. Whatever we're doing, we put it on. What can I say? It does its share.”

Jack Hawn

“It's like we're jinxed. Our plant is always somewhere where it is not needed right now. We then use the Humbaur to move it safely and without any problems to where it's needed.”

Tyler Armstrong

“We're often driving over poor subsoil – bumpy and muddy. Our Humbaur takes it all in its stride.”

Adam Blair