4-axle trailer The HTD


The four-axle top model

The new four-axle model in the HTD series has an offset cargo bed and a cargo bed that can be lowered with air suspension for particularly easy loading. Choose from three heights for the drawbar. On request you can get this model with a particularly durable hot-dip galvanised chassis. The hot-dip galvanised chassis provides optimum corrosion protection. An extensive selection of accessories makes the HTD suitable for any special requirement.

Details of the HTD 4-axle cranked flatbed turntable trailer:



Offset drawbar with Ø 50 mm towing ring, height-adjustable, low-maintenance silent bushes.


Solid, welded construction of the turntable


Solid welded construction of turntable with large slewing ring.


Solid welded frame


Solid, welded frame made of high-strength, fine-grained steel and full-length cross-beams for maximum stability, wheel recesses above the rear wheels, front corners chamfered, climbing rails on the ramp at the back for maximum safety during loading and unloading. Cranked cargo bed.


Floor made of 50 mm softwood planks


Floor made of 50 mm softwood planks.


Tie-down rings


3 pairs of 10 t lashing rings recessed in the flatbed 2 pairs of 10 t lashing rings recessed in the upper part of the loading area, optional 5 pairs of 3 t lashing and stanchion recesses in the outer frame.


Air suspension system incl. lifting and lowering


Air suspension aggregate that can also lift and lower the rear axle.


Single-section, hot-dip galvanised drive-on ramps


Single-section, hot-dip galvanised drive-on ramps, laterally movable, directly acting, fixed spring lifters for convenient operation, optimally secured by a turnbuckle and latch.


Flatbed axles with closed drum brake


Flatbed axles with closed drum brake.


Braking system


EBS braking system, spring-loaded parking brake.


Light clusters


Light clusters, impact-proof and secured against vibration, protected in the underride protection, 24 V, 15-wire connection cable.


Foldable lateral impact protection


Foldable lateral impact protection, contour markers at the sides and rear.


Two recessed toolboxes


Two recessed toolboxes with folding lid in the upper part of the loading area.




Front half-shell fender with anti-spray system in front, steel fenders with anti-spray system at the rear.


2 wheel chocks with retainers


2 wheel chocks with retainers


Permissible gross weight in kg 24000* / 40000** Body dimensions in mm 11710 x 2540 x 3760
Load capacity in kg 15700* / 31700** Drive-up angle 10 °
Internal dimensions in mm 7330 x 2540 Tyre size in inches 16-fach 235/75 R17,5
Load height in mm 900

* Permissible gross weight for distributable load without special permit   ** Permissible gross weight for non-distributable load with special permit in accordance with § 70 STVO (German Road Traffic Act)
Subject to technical modifications. All specifications are approximate values and relate to a series vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment will change both the empty weight and the load capacity!

What can I transport with the Humbaur HTD trailer?

Mobile excavators and wheel loaders

[Translate to English:] Radlader/Kompaktbagger

Mobile excavators and wheel loaders up to a weight of approx. 15.7 to 31.7 tonnes, depending on the model.

Crawler excavator

[Translate to English:] Raupenbagger

Crawler excavator with a weight up to approx. 15.7 - 31.7 tonnes, depending on the model.