Humbaur EquiGuard®

Quick to open

Without the need for tools or special equipment

When time is of the essence: Our patented transport safety system can be opened in seconds — without having to use tools. The breast bar or breech bar is released from its fastening with a single hand movement. This allows you to react quickly and reliably, especially in emergencies.

Sixteen times faster

Until now you've always had to unscrew the eye on the outer wall — which is often troublesome and usually needs the help of a broom handle or hoof pick. The effort involved is not to be underestimated. But what if you need to do it quickly and don't have anything suitable to hand? The safety of your animals is very important to us. That's why we've developed our excellent transport safety system further and made it even better. The panic release function can be activated with a simple turn of the knob. Now you too can open the system with ease: Simply push the locking mechanism gently backwards.

Easy to close

Even from the inside

We've made it considerably easier to close the system again. There's no need to retighten or refit anything. The breast and breech bars can be easily moved into their position and slotted into place. A soft click confirms that they are locked securely.

Reliable and convenient

The transport safety system can be locked again quickly and easily — without having to use tools. You don't need to refit any parts in the locking mechanism beforehand. The bars can be securely slotted in again with a single hand movement.

Minimised risk of injury

For people and animals

The entire locking mechanism is permanently mounted on the wall. If the panic release is activated, only the breast bar or breech bar is released from its fastening. This fastening is cushioned to protect the horse and its sensitive ankles in particular. This construction means that the locking plate stays on the wall and does not fall down uncontrollably.

What's new

  • Entire locking mechanism mounted on the wall
  • Only the breast or breech bar is released
  • Dampened impact noise thanks to comfortable cushioning


Designed to last a lifetime

The Humbaur EquiGuard® is durable, maintenance-free and easy to clean. The system is designed so that dirt can be easily removed with a high-pressure steam cleaner, and there are no special instructions to follow when cleaning the trailer as usual.

No grease or lubrication needed

The system does not need relubricating after cleaning either.

Series 7000


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