Humans are at the focus at Humbaur. This clarifies the new Humbaur image trailer with its own emotional way.

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Whatever you want to do with your trailer: Humbaur has got the right model with the best equipment to meet your needs.


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    The new luxury liner among horse trailers

    The new Maximus horse trailer with its maximum perfection is a "must have" for anyone who wishes to transport their horses safely, comfortably and in style. Test your desired colour in the colour configurator and experience the new Maximus in 360°.
  • HU wheels-in trailer

    Wheels-in trailer HU

    No compromises have been made to ensure the durability and quality of the HU wheels-in trailer. All the important metal components are hot-dip galvanised.

  • Humbaur Maximus Deluxe Preview


    Maximus DELUXE – Star at Equitana World fair Equitana 2017 – HUMBAUR presents all its series models– the highlight is the Maximus DELUXE - Gersthofen, 29th January 2017 - The Mottos of Equitana 2017 "For the love of Horses" and "Passion for Success" fit...
  • Humbaur Flexbox


    HUMBAUR FlexBox – Ground breaking for all CEP Services Vehicle bodies and trailer solutions optimise distribution transport - Gersthofen, 21. September 2016 - Fast - reliable – economic – these are the challenges facing modern logistic companies which are engaged in the...
  • HUMBAUR Flexbox


    HUMBAUR invests in the future and opens up new business areas in the distribution transport sector Gersthofen, 21. September 2016 - HUMBAUR, as one of the leading European trailer manufacturers is investing in the future, and from Autumn 2016 is offering a broad range of vehicle bodies and trailer solutions for the...

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Horse trailer Maximus

The new luxury liner among horse trailers stands out through its use of forms and its maximum perfection.