The Humbaur FlexTip

Expand your possibilities!

Make the most of efficient features for your projects. Rapid loading and fast on-site tipping on three sides. The new FlexTip from Humbaur. We offer customisable solutions for a wide range of vehicle models.

Flextip Sonnenuntergang

The ideal transportation solution

For all kinds of bulk material

The three-way tipping function makes loading and unloading easy. With flexible length, width and height, the FlexTip can be constructed on any type of vehicle.


  • Solid bridge floor
  • Hydraulic three-way tipper
  • Tipping angle of 45°
  • Recessed lashing points in the bridge floor as standard
  • Foldable side panels and foldable rear panel that can be pivoted
  • Tipping function can be controlled via app
  • Vehicle-specific cable harnesses*
  • 24-hour service from Humbaur, available 24/7
  • A solution for every industry
  • Wide range of accessories
  • High-quality corrosion protection

*Prevents frequent faults caused by poor cable connections and facilitates replacement of lights

Technical data

FlexTip with MAN TGE base vehicle
Interior dimensionsapprox. 3500 x 2100 x 350 mm
Overall dimensionsapprox. 3641 x 2271 x 745 mm
Wheelbase3640 mm
Total permissible weight3500 kg
Structure weightapprox. 630 kg
Load capacityapprox. 870 kg

Extremely versatile

Sophisticated details

Tip, tip, hooray! Your FlexTip can be customised to meet your needs and requirements. With a tipping angle of up to 45°, a hydraulic three-way tipping function, the ability to be controlled by app, retractable lashing points, vehicle-specific cable harnesses and much more, the FlexTip is impressive down to the smallest detail.

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Other vehicle bodies

Versatile and flexible

The ideal partner for your business, no matter your industry or the vehicle you use as a base. We manufacture our superstructures to perfectly suit a wide variety of commercial vehicle models. The choice is yours: Combine the perfect base with the perfect superstructure. We are a certified partner of several commercial vehicle manufacturers and thereby ensure excellent workmanship and optimised processes.