HTK 7.5 t

A three-way tipper that deserves your trust
  • Compressed air coupler heads (red/yellow)
  • Central tube with screw-in towing eye Ø 40 mm
  • galvanised and infinitely variable using a crank handle

Fenders on front and rear axles with spray protection system; Side protection up to the 1st axis, permanently attached; 2 wheel chocks with holder.


400 mm high, can be folded down and removed. Swinging tailgate with central locking. Front wall made of steel, removable.


Reinforced with 4 mm steel sheet metal and hot-dip galvanized. 4 ball tilting bearings with 2 interchangeable tilting bearing bolts.


Drop sides primer-painted with high-quality two-component paint for optimal corrosion protection, hollow chambers are sealed, painted in a single colour in RAL as requested.


Motor-powered, hydraulic three-way tipping system, fivestep, hard-chromium-plated cylinder with stroke limiter.


Axles with drum brake, maintenance-free parabolic suspension with load compensation.


15-way connecting plug for lighting.


24 V lighting system with multiple-chamber tail lamps, optimally protected and LED side marking lamps.

  • 4 massive lashing points at the front and back
  • 3 retractable lashing points in the middle

2 wheel chocks with retainers 

The HTK with a gross weight of 7.5 t is a variable all-rounder. It is particularly impressive with its five-stage hard-chromed cylinder and hydraulic motorised threeway tipper. It has a sturdy, welded, hot-dip galvanised frame for optimum stability and safety. The platform floor is made from 4 mm fine-grained steel. The 500 mm high hinged drop sides with central lock can be folded down at the sides and rear and removed.

Tandem three-way tipper HTK 7.5 t:

Galvanised central tube
Solid, welded, and hot-dip galvanised frame
Steel side walls and rear
Platform frame
Drop sides primer-painted
Motor-powered, hydraulic three-way tipping system
Axles and suspension
15-way connecting plug
24 V lighting system with multiple-chamber tail lamps
Tie-down points
2 wheel chocks with retainers

Technical data

HTK 754020

Permissible gross weight in kg 7500 Body dimensions in mm 6070 x 2200 x 1450
Load capacity in kg 5300 Tilt angle (to side/rear) 45 °/48 °
Internal dimensions in mm 4000 x 2030 Tyre size in inches 215/75 R17,5
Load height in mm 920    

Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are approximate values and relate to the series vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment changes both the inherent weight and the load capacity! With a gross weight of 5 tonnes, the HTK possesses features similar to those found in other models with a gross weight exceeding 10 tonnes.

What can I transport with the Humbaur HTK trailer?

Construction materials

Construction materials and pallet goods up to 10.2 t.

Construction machinery

Construction machinery up to 5.3 t.